Grass Fed Sheep Testicle

Grass Fed Sheep Testicle

Our ovine (sheep) testicle is from 100% grass-fed, freeze dried organs harvested from young sheep in New Zealand.  Once used by ancient Olympians and Gladiators, ovine testicle can possibly be a nutritional supplement to support muscle mass growth and strength when used in combination with exercise.  

Many of the products available on the market are bovine and cut with liver since it is much less expensive to manufacture this way. Even though bovine sources work well, ovine in our opinion is more hypoallergenic and a superior source. Also, many products on the market are from non-organic, non-grass fed animals or from countries with less ideal growing conditions than New Zealand.

Freeze drying the ovine testicle keeps nutrient levels at a maximum and allows it to contain naturally produced peptides, hormone precursors, and enzymes that normally occur in the testicle. Many claim peptides in the glandular tissue contribute to specific signaling which facilitates the function of the testes including their manufacturing of testosterone as with the hypothesis of like cures like.

Bio-identical testosterone prescriptions are very popular in today’s society, but have many negatives including decreasing your own bodies production as well as potentially increasing cancer risk. As mentioned above, consuming whole testicle has been used safely for thousands and years and traditionally has been used for the same benefits.

Dosage: 1-3 capsules once per day.

Contraindications: No known contraindications