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 Primary Usage:

  • Metal and Chemical Chelator*
  • Detoxification*
  • Endo-Toxemia*
  • Trace Mineral Source
  • GI upset*

Takesumi or carbonized bamboo is well known in Japan but is just now becoming well known in the US. To put it simply- it is derived from bamboo that is carbonized under very specific conditions. Many physicians have reported it working against heavy metal toxicity, chemicals, and often food sensitivities*. We look at it as a supreme detoxification product*. It also appears to adsorb mycotoxins and endotoxins (and other bio-toxins) from various organisms, take a load off the liver and kidneys and thus act in an anti-aging fashion*. It is also reported to adsorb radiation (radon, nuclear, etc.)*. Many of the lyme literate physicians use it as part of their protocols.

For more information and supporting research please visit the complete product page and write-up at: Takesumi Supreme

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Takesumi Supreme™ contains 90 capsules which contain approximately 30 servings of pure specially carbonized bamboo. Each capsule contains 390mg of carbonized bamboo. 3 capsules is equivalent to 2 scoops of our Takesumi Supreme powder. **Be sure to take Takesumi at least 30 minutes before or 2 hours after food, supplements, or any prescription medication
Do NOT take this product if you have been diagnosed with variegate porphyria.


2 Reviews

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    Miracle in a bottle

    Published by Julie B on Mar 10th 2023

    I felt compelled to come to the page and write a rave review on this. My family started with the flu last night. First our 2 year old. He was so miserable. I asked if Takesumi would work and was told yes. My husband and myself then started getting nauseous. Both in the bathroom at once to get sick. We took 3 capsules each and gave one to our 4 year old. We didn’t get sick. We felt off most of the day, but have never found something that actually worked to relieve symptoms. It didn’t cure the flu but we never got sick. Ate lunch and supper and our 4 year old never showed signs of being sick. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Takesumi Supreme

    Published by Anita Theart on Jun 28th 2022

    I absolutely love this product. I take it every morning on empty stomach and within the next 10-20 minutes go to the bathroom. It has now been 2 months of consistent, healthy bowel movement routine. I have recently started to give it to my dog for consistent itching and skin rash, and have been able to wean him off anti itch meds. Wonderful product!